MedCare Systems

MedCare Systems provides a full line of Healthcare Structures, Aging-in-Place Solutions, and Extended Care Options designed to keep families together through family managed healthcare.

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The Benefits of iCottage

iCottage is the only affordable Long Term Care option that:

  • Enhances quality of life through increased Family interaction
  • Caps Long Term Care cost and preserves Family Assets
  • Provides close proximity to loved ones while maintaining Seperation & Independence

iCottage is a technologically advanced HealthCare Structure that enables families to spend more quality time with their loved ones while providing the tools nessesary for family managed healthcare.

These 300-700 square-feet living spaces are designed for the aged, infirm, and disabled, to age-in-place, including but not limited to; wounded warriors, temporary rehabilitation, bariatric, and intellectually disabled. 

Contact one of our qualified Care Advisors to learn about iCottage and how we are keeping families together and making long term care affordable.
"The Elderly not only deserve our respect...they have earned it..."

-The Haven
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Last Updated: Jan, 13 2016