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The Haven was founded on the principals of the "Olmstead Decision" from the U.S. Supreme Court and supports the idea of keeping the aged, infirm, and disabled in the community and out of institutionalized environments...
-Live Life Well
iNurse provides healthcare training for Medication Aides, Direct Patient Care, First Aide, CPR, AED, and much more...
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About Us

MedCare Systems has been instrumental in the developmentof other highly publisized healthcare structures.
MedCare Systems sold, delivered, and installed the first MedCottage [healthcare structure] to the public in January 2012. (click on picture below to view video...allow time for video to load)

MedCare Systems changed their role from distributor to OEM and is now developing the next generation healthcare structures known as the iCottage.

MedCare Systems has an educational and consultive approach to helping families understand and utilize this long-term-care option.

MedCare Systems qualified Care Advisors work direct with families and the professional community to determine the best option of care based assessed needs of the aged, infirm, and disabled.
AARP Video Link of MedCare Systems installing the first public MedCottage:
MedCare Systems operating experience includes:

  • Serving on the Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA) Board of Directors
  • Licensing 14 Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia
  • Responsable for legislation passed in Virginia for the aged, infirm, and disabled
  • Presented to the Virginia Disability Commssion to modify exsisting legislation
  • Participated in Virginia Commonwealth's University (VCU) Department of Gerontology webinar series on:
Assistive Technology for Home Safety

Established a Health Force Training Center which is:

  • A certified American Health & Safety Institute (ASHI) certified training center
  • Virginia Board of Nursing approved Training Center for Registered Medication Aide
  • Virginia Department of Social Services approved training for Direct Pateint Care
  • American Red-Cross certified training

Established the first training cirriculum for healthcare structure Care Advisors

MedCare Systems experience includes working with:

  • Residential Assisted Living
  • Regular Assisted Living
  • Intensive Assisted Living
  • Dementia & Alzheimers Care
  • Home Care & Home Health
  • Hospice & Respite Care

MedCare Systems helps educate families and the professional community about all options in long-term-care based on an individuals assessed needs.

MedCare Systems is the clear choice when considering healthcare structures and advanced technology aging-in-place solutions.